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On June 5th, Bay Area voters will be faced with a decision, and not just in primary elections for several state leadership positions. Next months ballot includes Regional Measure 3, which seeks to raise bridge tolls by $3 to help funds 35 projects that include expanding and fixing highways and improving mass transportation. This would give Bay Area transportation a much needed boost and could bring even more people to the Bay Area. But is this the correct way to do it? How would this move impact housing and living in the Bay Area. Today we have Zulien Morales from State Farm to talk about how Regional Measure 3 could impact the real estate market in the Bay Area.

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Getting Started

What has your attention right now: Cardi B

9:06 State Farm

11:50 NAHREP- National Association of Hispanic Real Estate Professionals

15:14 Regional Measure 3

16:17 Impact RM 3 could have

18:58 People moving in and out of California

23:47 Income statistics in California

29:17 Alternate ideas for funding road projects

31:00 Transparency

35:51 Living close to work

37:51 Earthquakes in the Bay Area

Earthquake insurance

43:28 Assembly Bill 2681

Requires counties to identify unstable buildings
Impact on property owners

52:30 Wrap up/ Contact info



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