EP 101 | HIGHEST AND BEST | Lanny Clark and Garrett Mann

Today, we rebrand Real Realtors as Highest And Best. We have Lanny Clark of Prime Lending and Garrett Mann from Security Pacific on to discuss ways for Millennial homebuyers to save for a new house, who is to blame for the current California housing crisis and tips for new agents starting out.


5:32 Getting Started

7:25 First Time Home Buyers

9:07 Millennial Home Buyers

14:33 How to save money

22:27 California Housing Shortage and who is to blame

27:02 Trade Employee shortage

28:56 Natural Impacts

32:46 Developers and Tech Companies

38:25 Garrett starting out in Real Estate

42:34 Challenges Facing Today

55:50 Natural Disasters impact on California housing

57:47 Wrap up


Vidcast Version:

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