Real Realtors 005 | Davide Pio and Greg McDaniel

In this week’s edition of Real Realtors, Davide Pio makes his return to The Marc Guzman Podcast Experience, and is joined by Greg McDaniel, host of the Real Estate Uncensored Podcast, on our weekly real estate roundtable. We sat down and discussed the Costa-Hawkins Act of 1995 that deals with rent control, as well as tips for marketing a neighborhood. And before we finished we talked about Tesla’s and briefly touched on the future of solar technologies.

Davide Pio specializes in commercial real estate and deals mainly with foreign buyers.

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Greg McDaniel is a realtor for J. Rockliff Realtors in the East Bay. His Real Estate Uncensored Podcast draws over 50,000 listeners monthly.

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Sellers in high end vs. low end real estate

Costa-Hawkins Act of 1995

Rent control pros and cons
Ren t control issues

Marketing a neighborhood

Personality of a property
Story telling- younger generation likes a more customized property, use stories of neighborhood to sell to them
Typical people in a neighborhood/ demographics
Neighborhoods can change

Tesla cars

Feel vs cost
Relationship to solar energy


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