Real Realtors 009 | Cynthia Peterson and Roxanne Adams

Today on Real Realtors, I sit down with Cynthia Peterson of Alain Realtors, who just recently got licensed, and Roxanne Adams of Genesis Real Estate, who has over 14 years of experience in real estate. We had a chance to talk about generating leads, ways to network and the 2018 ballot initiative to create more home ownership opportunities for young and senior home buyers.

Cynthia Peterson: 415-802-4000                    Roxanne Adams: 510-815-0356

Website:                      Website:

Getting involved with Real Estate

Changes the last 14-15 years

Online Realty Websites

Zillow, Open Door
Impact on realtor’s value in the business

Adapting businesses

Generating Leads

By referral
Networking with buyers, sellers, realtors and clients
New agents generating leads
Wearing your name tag

Learning the Market

Transaction problems

Home ownership for young people

Props 13, 60 and 90

Wrap/ Contact info

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