Real Realtors 011 | Eric Meyers and EJ Paje

Today on Real Realtors, I sat down with Eric Meyers and EJ Paje. Eric is an attorney as well as the incoming president for the Contra Costa Association of Realtors. EJ is a second generation agent, who is also one of the newer members of the Young Professionals Network. Today on the podcast, I dive into their backgrounds, talk about evictions, and we take a look at some possible solutions to the current housing crisis in the Bay Area.

Eric Meyers    Contact: 510-233-5000

EJ Paje      Contact: 650-897-5540

Getting started

Eric Meyers history in real estate, 3rd generation realtor
EJ Paje involvement in real estate, started working as insurance agent for father
Both participate in local associations
Educating and helping clients
Involvement in Young Professionals Network

Landlord vs homeowners policy coverages

Lock box coverage
Flood and earthquake insurance/ dealing with the cost


Common reasons
Importance of good representation/ respecting tenants rights
Landlord policies for eviction/ coverage options/ Liability for damages
Pricing options
Requiring renters insurance

Bay Area Housing Crisis

Shortage of housing units/ construction
Legislative issues at the state level
Talking solutions
Building issues/ secondary units

Contact info/ wrap up

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