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When is the best time to get a mortgage? That answer depends on a myriad of factors, most of which tie into the stock market in one way or another. Last week, the stock market experienced its biggest drop in over 2 years, dropping over 1,000 points amid worries of a rising federal interest rate, corrections, and other uncertain factors. Our guest today on Real Realtors is Harold Bauer, who does mortgage consulting with Caliber Home Loans out of Walnut Creek. Today we pick his brain to get a little insight on how the activity on Wall Street impacts your home, mortgage and refinancing options.    Phone: 925-548-2293

Website:       Email: harold.bauer@caliberhomeloans

Getting Started

Licensed in 1991, started working in Palo Alto
Started own brokerage firm in 1999, lasted 10 years
Recently joined Caliber Home Loans

Mortgage Lending

Fell into it
Wanted to help people get into their homes


Relationships with realtors for referrals
Homebuyer seminars


Character- repaying a loan
Underwriting process
Documentation for loans

Credit Scores

Minimum scores
Raising your score
Qualifying for a loan
Big purchases impact on score

Changing Jobs During a Sale

Impact on your ability to get a loan
Job stability

Interest Rates

Generating rates
Fear of inflation
Recent stock market activity
Bond yield rates

Current Bay Area Market

Competitive market spreading outwards
Working with listing agents
Workers making longer commutes

Mortgage Cycles

Recession cycle impact
Bay Area Market not insulated from market trends
Government regulations

Wrap up/ Contact Information



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