Real Realtors 021 | Eva Elderts and Cameron Platt

The Bay Area is one of the most diverse regions in America and is constantly evolving and changing. As a new generation of people starts to move here, we are starting to see new trends arising. Among them, a spike in renters. Today on Real Realtors, we talk to Cameron Platt of Abio Properties and Eva Elderts of Dudam Real Estate and we get their take on the evolving Bay Area market and how to help clients navigate it.

 Eva Elderts:           Cameron Platt:

Phone: 925-726-9409                         Phone: 510-708-4137

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Social: @MyRealtorEva                      Social: @cameronplatt


Cameron Platt: Former Attorney
Co-Founded Abio 2 years ago
Eva Elderts: Started in dentistry
Been a realtor for almost a year

Market Competition

Danville Area
Oakland Area

Housing Shortage

Oakland market
Housing shortage/ rent control
East Bay Market
Coming in with the best offer


Eva: Left old profession, didn’t initially work out
Networking a big help/ working with friends

Millennials and Home Buying

Recruiting millennial agents
Tech knowledge
Lack of direct communication
Using social media

Marketing a Listing

3-D modeling
Different media methods
Using drones to showcase a property
Virtual tours

Showcasing Homes to Buyers

Being transparent about a property
Upselling a property

Offers and Comparisons

Work with manager to advise client
Not all millennials are up to date on the stock market
Not advising what to pay
Cameron: Two- Tier pricing strategy
Offers are not confidential unless otherwise noted
Competitive commission

Online Bidding

Drawbacks and transparency
Different auction models
Being open (Abio is Spanish for Open)
Adapting to new methods

Wrap up/ Contact Info



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