Real Realtors 022 | Daniel Ripper and Eric Wong

Every day in the Bay Area you see another story talking about the Bay Area Housing Crisis. We have had plenty of discussions on Real Realtors about whether or not there is indeed a crisis. Today, we look at some factors that could be contributing to it, such as traffic, prices, availability, or mother nature. Our panel today is Eric Wong of Winkler Real Estate and Daniel Ripper of Climb Real Estate, and we will pick their brains for what they think is contributing to the current housing climate in the Bay Area.

Eric Wong:       Phone: 510-469-7363             Website:

Daniel Ripper:  Phone: 415- 205-6312                       



1:03- Getting Started

Time in Real Estate
Eric Wong: 15 years, currently with Winkler Real Estate
Daniel Ripper: 14 years, currently with Climb Real Estate

6:49- Getting Involved in Real Estate

Eric: Started with working at the Cheeseboard in Berkeley
Inspired by uncles involvement in real estate
Market much harder now than 15 years ago

11:25- Housing Shortage

Working with Buyer and Sellers
Lack of sellers moving up in housing
Educating buyers
Supply vs. Demand

18:34- Traffic

Buyer-specific depending on location
Different commutes
Location near public transit

22:05- Restaurants and Beers in The Bay Area

Favorite Bay Area craft beers
Future Brewery locations

25:35- Earthquakes

Making buyer aware
Earthquake insurance
Securing the foundation

28:15- Hobbies

Lunch with Eric
Other top restaurants
Discovering new places
Daniel owns a Brazilian Jujitsu gym
Kneebar maneuver
Early starts

42:40- Advice for New Agents

Joining a team

Contact Info/ Wrap up



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