Real Realtors 023 | Jessie Banuelos

Insurance is something you buy with the hope that you never have to use. But insurance also acts as a gateway to peace of mind, knowing that if something goes wrong, you will have an answer for it. But insurance can be tricky which is why it’s important to have helpful agents, like our guest today Jessie Banuelos, to help you find the coverage options available. At the same time, she educates clients on how to navigate the insurance market. With 28 years of experience, Jessie is well established in the insurance industry and has plenty of insight to offer. This is a great episode for anyone who has questions on how insurance works, or anyone looking to start a career in insurance.


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:53 Getting Started

Insurance since age 18
Own an agency in Orinda now

2:05 Starting an Agency

Asked to take over the agency
Reviving a declining agency

3:46 Payment Structure

Commission based
Not transactional, residual commission
Always nurture the relationship with clients

6:00 Advice for Getting Into Insurance

Need to have the stomach for it
You will hear “No” a lot
Find a niche market
Join a team

9:19 Oversaturation

Competition with the internet and name your price tools
Stressing value over price

11:18 Full Coverage

What does full coverage mean
“Are you okay vs. Hope you are okay”
Commercial policies
Fire Insurance

17:00 Flood Insurance

Lender driven
Only get it when you’re in a special flood zone
Floods can happen anywhere
Flood insurance will be expensive

18:56 Pricing Differences in the Bay Area

Home pricing rates
High fire zones, fire lines

20:33 Reducing Premiums

Working with one company
Discounts based on jobs

22:02 Client Base

Mainly families
Commercial real estate investors
Earthquake insurance inquiries are rising
Involvement in claims

25:35 Renters Insurance

Basic policies are cheap
Providing coverage for the building owner

30:19 Staying in Touch with Clients

Social media
Staying relevant

Contact info/ Wrap up



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