Real Realtors 025 | Marco and Vanessa Rodriguez of Genesis Real Estate

We have had many Realtor Teams on Real Realtors. Today, we are joined by the husband and wife team of Marco and Vanessa Rodriguez, who own Genesis Real Estate and mainly cover West Contra Costa County. Together, they have created a team dynamic that centers around their clients, family, and faith. In this episode, we dive into how their team dynamic operates, how they are growing their brokerage, how they navigate the Bay Area Market, and what they do to give back to their communities.

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1:15 Getting Started

Husband and Wife team
Challenges and benefits

3:00 Genesis Real Estate

Open 6 years, 15 agents
Small brokerage in the Bay Area
Faith plays a big part in business
New office in Berkeley
Working the Richmond markets

5:35 Buyers and Sellers

Work with both
Buyers more gratifying
Sellers easier to do

6:50 Opening Genesis Real Estate

Opened in 2012
Lots of work put into it
Leaving Prudential
Naming and how faith played a role in it

8:55 Recruiting Agents

Attract not recruit
Show agents what Genesis is all about
Training agents to know what you say matters
Also matters how you say it

12:44 Foreclosures

Not as plentiful today
Helping clients avoid foreclosure
Short sales

14:40 Educating Buyers

Understanding risks
Auctioning foreclosures

17:00 Challenges with Buyers

A competitive market in the Bay Area
Consulting with buyers

21:11 Renting vs. Buying

Putting money into something that is yours
What are you paying now vs. what a mortgage payment would look like
Short term vs. long-term thinking

24:35 Community Involvement

Company involvement
Support local groups and people
Organizations working with
EdFund: Scholarships for minorities
Ecoviva: Helping El Salvador become a self-sustaining nation
Samaritans Purse
Childs Hope
Getting other realtors involved
Everyone has a capacity to give

30:48 New Agents Advice

Get to work
Be positive

33: 34Wrap up


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