Real Realtors 026 | The Birthday Episode

Happy Birthday Marc!                

Today’s episode of Real Realtors puts the City of Oakland in the spotlight. Our panel is Davide Pio and Ron Baniqued, both of whom I work with here at Baniqued Commercial Real Estate. We focus on two major issues that Oakland is dealing with: Rent Control Exemptions, and the future of the Coliseum Site. We also take a look at real estate investing and discuss strategies to use when deciding whether or not to invest in a property to flip. Enjoy.


What’s New

Davide’s Asia trip
Ron working on current deals

5:47 Getting Started

Ron home flipping
Home flipping investments
Flipped houses getting robbed

11:00 Flipping Home Capital

Finder Fees

12:35 CAP Rates and GRM

Capitalization rates
GRM: Potential income divided by purchase price
How long it takes to make money back
Not a recommended metric
IRR: How much money a building makes you over time
Investment strategies

20:30 Rent Control

Always comes up in negotiations
No investor likes rent control
Been around in the Bay Area for a long time

22:40 Oakland Rent Control

Rehabbing old buildings
New buildings aren’t under rent control
Too many people are starting to do that

26:13 Oakland Coliseum Site

What to do with the land
Land comparisons to Silicon Valley
Alternate sites
Using land for residential housing?
Atlanta comparison
Tesla Interest?

31:16 Tesla and the Self Driving Car

Experiences with self driving cars

38:11 Competing with Other Offers

Working with clients
Hot spots around the Bay Area
FHA offers
Writing letters to get a property
Reputation impact
Working with difficult agents
Average realtor income in the Bay Area

48:28 Contact Information/ Wrap up



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