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Facebook has been all over the news lately, but not in a good way. The recent revelations regarding Facebook and Cambridge Analytica has thrown the future of the social network in limbo. In addition, Facebook has been hit with a housing discrimination lawsuit based around their ad platform and real estate brokerages. If you are one of the many realtors or property managers who uses Facebook to conduct business, you might be wondering how Facebooks legal troubles could impact your business. Today, we welcome back Melodie Mills, Digital Specialist and founder of Mills Media, who specializes on using Facebook for business, to explain the Facebook’s situation, as well as what you can do about it.

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Getting Started

What’s New

3:02 Facebook Controversy

What happened and how will it affect you

12:02 Public Reaction

14:51 Other Apps and How They Will Be Impacted

17:16 Small Business Impact

Ad Targeting

19:32 Partner Categories

23:12 Other Apps That Could Fill the Void

28:48 Younger Generations and Homebuyers

33:11 What Will Come Out of This?

Elections impacted
Wake up call for social media users

37:09 What to Look For When Zuckerberg Testifies

Ethical vs. Lawful issues

39:00 Facebook Fair Rights and Housing

45:37 What Has Your Attention Right Now?

47:15 Wrap up/ Contact Info


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