Ep 004 - Marsha Mather-Thrift of the Rosie the Riveter Trust

During the 1940s the United States faced a global war. While the soldiers were overseas, a large number of individuals on the home front banded together to build the ships, planes, and facilities needed for the global war and to keep our country running. Many of these extraordinary individuals were women working in engineering, sciences, shipbuilding, flying planes, health care and many other occupations. Eventually, the image of Rosie the Riveter was developed. Marsha Mather-Thrift is the Executive Director of the Rosie the Riveter Trust located in Richmond, CA. Marsha joins me on this episode to explain Rosie the Riveter and the Rosie Rally & Home Front Festival on August 12, 2017, to break the Guinness World Record (again) of the most people gathered at one time dressed as Rosie. Website: http://bit.ly/2vDwBmz


Links & Social

Website: http://bit.ly/2vDwBmz
Aug 12th Rosie Rally Info: http://bit.ly/2vDCGzq




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