Ep 012 | Tom Dalzell, Author of Quirky Berkeley

It is known for being the epicenter of progressive and liberal politics but lesser known is the culture making it one of America’s most colorful and diverse cities: Berkeley, CA. Tom Dalzell is a blogger and contributor to Berkeleyside.com, and recently launched his book Quirky Berkeley based on his own website QuirkyBerkeley.com. We discuss the culture, history and the people of Berkeley and his amazing discoveries such as the Fish House, the Giant Ceramic Family, Berkeley Castles and Murals. This episode will have you wanting to follow his DIY walking paths throughout Berkeley and for $15, you can purchase his book as the perfect tour guide. Guest: http://bit.ly/2ewfRrD. Book: http://amzn.to/2ewjQnS.

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/quirkyberkeley

Just some of the quirkiness you find in Berkeley...

Fish House: http://bit.ly/2evUxm0
Ceramic Family: http://bit.ly/2ewcf8O
Giant Orange: http://bit.ly/2ewgjWR
Castles: http://bit.ly/2ew3Geq
Murals: http://bit.ly/2ewcv83




Lives in Berkeley

-       Moved here in 1984
-       Worked for Cesar Chavez in the 1970’s
-       Part of a labor union in Oakland
-       Stayed for the cultural diversity
-       Started blogging in 2013

Quirky Berkeley

-       Came out in August, Heydey Publishing
-       Use free-time to explore the city
-       Berkeley stereotypes

Define Quirky

-       Something you would not expect
-       Lawn decorations, religious items, whimsical
-       Favorite quirks

Launch Party

-       August 2016
-       Invited artists, people whos stuff was featured
-       Included quick speech, book signing

Views on Berkeley

-       Appreciation for what it has been/ history
-       Create a new generation

Changes in Berkeley

-       Housing costs soaring, hard for young people to buy homes
-       Progressives vs developers

Berkeley Reputation Worldwide

-       60’ and 70’s Berkeley was center of social change
-       Created a new brand for Berkeley

Recent Speech Cancellations

-       Most people causing problems are not from Berkeley
-       Publicity stunts, no rea, audience/ political affiliation
-       Use humor
-       Labeling and polarization
-       Proud of Berkeley liberal and progressive trends

Fish House

-       Built by Eugene Tssui, Chinese Immigrant
-       Based off the Tardigrade (microscopic organism)

Exterior Quirks vs. Interior

-       Has to be visible from sidewalk, break that rule constantly
-       Art is not eternal
-       Do not always include address for interior quirks

"My book is a love letter to the City of Berkeley" ~ Tom Dalzell


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