Weekly Update | 9.08.17

This will be the first of a weekly blog. I am currently doing a lot of media posts such as photos, a podcast and launching video again very soon.. So I think it might be a bit refreshing to have a simple, back-to-basic, blog.

The idea with this blog will be to simply summarize what my week was like, the good and the bad. But I’ll be honest, there will be very little “bad” because there is a lot of GOOD in my business and career. I am a super positive and optimistic person.. I focus on the solution and not the problem. I love turning the bad into good. Anyway, you get the point. So here is my week in a flash:

Monday, Sept 4

Labor Day weekend and my family and I were returning back from a yearly camp out we do at my in-law’s backyard. Huge backyard that can comfortably fit 10 full size tents and all the kids can gather and enjoy the pool.

I met an appraiser at a listing of mine in Oakland. One bedroom condo selling for over $520,000. The condo is blocks from Piedmont Ave and is located so close to shops and dining. Appraisal went well and no problem with the comparables.

Tuesday, Sept 5

Typical day for me in the office consists of lots and lots of emails, solving problems, marketing properties, recording the podcast, etc. Today however is the 5th of the month. It is the last day for many tenant’s grace period. My team and I are making calls to those that have yet paid. Today was also a bit different in that I had to attend eviction court where we won the judgment against a tenant who has not paid rent. Piece of advice, if you are a landlord or property manager, HIRE an attorney to do this. At court, there was another case in which the property manager was doing the eviction himself and completely messed up everything.. Well now they get to restart entire process from scratch.

Wednesday, Sept 6

Day started off with our company’s weekly office meeting followed by a team meeting. After the team meeting I had a new recording scheduled for my podcast show Real Realtors (video of this show coming soon). I had Duane Vizinau from Travis Credit Union and Ronald Garcia, my business partner, on the show. Catch the episode here on my blog or on iTunes.

Remember that condo I am selling in Oakland? Well I had to let the buyer agent in for an inspection.

Thursday, Sept 7

I love Thursday. I work an average of 14 hour days and Kim purchased a gym about a year ago. Both of our schedules are hectic so we made it a point to meet for lunch every Thursday and that what I do. This week we went to Kinder’s in Hercules, CA.

After lunch, I had Italina Kirknis on my podcast. She is an Online Presence Expert that specializes in working with Realtors. Tons of great advice for Realtors and business owners in developing a presence on social media platforms and we also discussed LinkedIn vs Facebook. Catch the episode this coming week.

After the interview, I recorded some more #AskMarcAnything episodes so catch them in the upcoming weeks. If you have any questions you would like for me to answer, send them my way and I would love to answer them.

Friday, Sept 8

This was a day mostly spent in the office handling emails, notices, and other paperwork. As a team, we did escape the office for a few hours for a birthday celebration lunch to Pikanhas Brazilian Steakhouse in Point Richmond. Awesome food!! Go give them a try. Day was ended with a new landlord appointment that went well and I hope to help them in the near future.

Thanks for reading my update! This is the first and as I continue doing these weekly, I will be diving deep into some of the issues I deal with and include my solutions. These will be things you don’t find on my podcast, social media platforms or the upcoming vlog episodes. Thanks for reading and thank you for your attention.

Leave a comment below.. Would love your feedback!



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