What Clients Want in a Realtor

Whether you are looking to buy or sell your home, finding the right Realtor is a key factor in making your real estate transaction goes smoothly. The right Realtor will be able to understand the impact and emotion that goes along with moving.

When you are looking for a Realtor there are a number of common traits that customers tend to look for.

Being Tech Savvy
In the modern real estate market, having a tech savvy Realtor is essential. A successful Realtor would have a great mobile and SEO friendly website. A good example is Joe Samson from Calgary, Canada. Having a social media presence is also important. This demonstrates their desire and willingness to stay connected with the public. More than 95% of home buyers start their search for a real estate agent online. On a side note, I want to thank Joe Samson for allowing me to use one of his photos for this blog. Go follow him on Facebook and check out his Blog, he has a lot of great articles for Home Buyers and Sellers.

This might sound odd, but making sure that the real estate agent you are working with is fully licensed is incredibly important. While this might seem like an obvious factor, but many people do not do their research. For this reason, it is recommended that you Google your potential real estate agent to see what other clients have said. You can take it a step further and look for your Realtor to be a licensed Broker. Being a Broker means that Realtor has gone through additional training and education.

The last thing that anyone wants is to hire a Realtor that does not communicate with their clients. The reality is that you need to be able to speak openly with your Realtor about everything that you are concerned about, how you are feeling, and how you feel that the real estate process is going. Remember, you are hiring this professional to work for you and to represent you. They need to be able to understand and communicate all of your wants, needs, and concerns to than necessary parties.

Knowledgeable of the Local Market
Regardless of if you are looking to buy a new home or sell your house, you need a Realtor that understands the local real estate market. By working with someone that is local, you open yourself to a wealth of information and resources. They will be able to connect you with professionals like home inspectors, appraisers, and repair professionals if needed.

Honesty and Integrity
Much like saying that you should ensure that you hire a fully licensed real estate agent, saying that most clients are looking to work with a real estate agent that is honest and has integrity should go without saying. You need to feel comfortable and confident working with your real estate agent. This goes back to doing your research, and find out what other clients have said about previously working with them. This is also a great example of why speaking with friends and family members – those that you trust most – about real estate professionals that they have worked with in the past can be so useful. Although, it is not necessarily recommended to work with a friend or family member directly, working with a Realtor that they refer can have benefits such as peace of mind and confidence in your hire.

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