As the leader of the Young Professionals Network for my local Realtor Association, I work with a group of very talented individuals to make events like this happen. Educational mixers where we share ideas and meet up with local professionals. All in the pursuit of becoming a better leader in...

Everyday.. (I'm being serious here).. I have a new appointment to meet a property owner to discuss their rental property.. or properties ;)

New client appointments, running the office and meeting with the CEO.

Remember this because it is what matters in life and in business: Personal Relationships Matter! It's relationships that get us "the hook up" with a new home, or a job, or a new client, or a new friendship.

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I want to start off with saying I love what I do. I work 14-16 hour days but wouldn't give this up for the world. Life is about your journey, not your destination (stole that one from Gary Vaynerchuk). I've been in the real estate business now 14 years and accomplished many things. This is...

I have a new Vlog series. Hope you enjoy. The main purpose of this new vlog series is to show everyone exactly what I do on a daily basis and to showcase local businesses and venues. I think you'll enjoy what I have coming up ;) 


There are lots of reasons why people consider selling the home they love, and while it is generally not an easy decision, there are lots of good reasons to seriously consider it. If you are currently debating if selling your home is the right choice for you and your family, here are 4 great...

When first starting your real estate career, the idea of competing with already well-established real estate professionals can be intimidating. However, it doesn’t have to be. By taking the proper steps when beginning your career, you can set yourself up on the right path.


Pets are more than just animals, pets are members of the family. Because of this, they deserve to live in a safe and comfortable environment. An environment that has their needs – as well as their human’s needs as a priority. Pets aren’t decorative or disposable, they’re sentient beings that...

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